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Cacao (Theobroma), literally food of the Gods, helps us to sit with all parts of our being. It is through the allowing and acceptance of our perceived shadow emotions and feelings that we can truly come to peace and grace in our own lives. This is not a once off fix but a lifelong journey towards acceptance and love of ourselves and the world around us. Cacao can be a trusted companion on this voyage helping to adjust our internal compasses when we inevitably veer off course. Instituting communal ceremony and meditative practice in our life is proven through time and the world over to increase acceptance, wellbeing and trust.

You can work with Cacao in group settings I facilitate or co-facilitate, request it in a 1-to-1 as an add on or practice with it at home.


Cacao Ceremonies

Primarily, I co-facilitate with Daniel, my partner. Our mutual goal is to hold space to facilitate self-acceptance and build conscious awareness in the people who come to practice with us. As a couple, we share a rich and broad experience in meditation, consciousness and healing practices from various traditions and approaches. Together we’ve accrued over 25 years experience of practice and discovery, leading us to lessons in far flung places, but more importantly within ourselves. Both of us are deeply committed to the lifelong journey of self-acceptance and self-love. After meeting at a Kirtan Festival in Dublin, our relationship has centred around these shared values and Cacao has helped us to facilitate our ability to hold space and compassion for each other and the groups we work with. 

We became cacao practitioners in 2020 with Keith’s Cacao, suppliers of ethically sourced and purely produced ceremonial grade cacao. Cacao is the most wonderful gift from nature which helps us to connect to our own being in a heart-centred compassionate way. We have been using cacao daily in our own practice and are grateful for its gentle and healing presence in our life.

You can be assured that your bar of pure ceremonial grade cacao from us has been prepared with the intention to be used in ceremony from farm to comforting cup. The cacao we use in ceremony is far from the milled cacao powder you may have seen at the health food shop, this cacao is whole and less processed, retaining all of the nourishing, feel good fats of the cacao plant. The cacao beans are carefully selected by Keith, "the Chocolate Shaman" himself and picked and prepared by local indigenous families in Guatemala. They are paid a fair living wage and can work from their own homes while producing the finest ethically produced cacao.


As well as being a wonderful heart-opening aid to meditation and relaxation, cacao is a nutrient rich superfood. Ever wonder why eating chocolate makes you feel good? And why that feeling is so short-lived? The reason it feels good is the cacao and the reason it doesn’t last is all the calorie laden but nutrient deficient processed additives. With this cacao we only consume the nutrient dense goodness without all the empty mass-production additives.

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