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Alice Vignoles

Yoga, Reiki Healing and Spirituality


If you've come across this page, I bet your intuition, your inner knowing, has been tugging at your elbow for awhile now. Your intuition might be calling on you to tend to your body in better ways, to become a brighter, more empowered expression of your true self or maybe to connect with your soul's purpose and sense of faith.

If this feels true, I'm here to help.

My entire life I've been on this path of seeking, healing and transforming. But ten years ago, that call from my intuition became so strong that I had no choice but to put all my energy into following it. Through working with the body, meditation and connecting to Source, I healed myself - completely changing my life - and knew it was my purpose to help others find that joy, vitality and creativity too. When the time came, I turned away from my successful career in the film industry to open my teaching and healing practice.


You can work with me personally, in a group or virtually. However you choose to connect I can promise you'll get the down to earth, no messin' guidance, gentle but empowering care and crystal clarity all my clients have experienced in working with me.

Hi, I'm Alice!
I'm so glad you're here.


Let's Work Together


If something feels off, there's something holding you back or you just want some support and clarity, let's work together. We can work to overcome challenges, help you to establish your connection to Source or move energetic blocks in the body. I'm a certified Reiki Master, a potent but gentle form of energy healing. Along with a full reiki treatment, I'll combine my skills as a spiritual coach and yogic techniques in my tool kit to put you on the right track.


Cacao is the purest form of chocolate and a plant teacher I've been blessed to discover for myself and share with others in ceremony.

My partner Daniel and I offer regular cacao ceremonies for groups, couples and special times of year.

Cacao is a wonderful facilitator for meditation and deep work, a loving but deep plant that grounds and reveals.


This work is so close to my heart!

Full Circle Woman is my program for feminine health and healing by resetting your natural cyclical rhythm, tuning to the signs and seasons of your body and learning to support your hormonal health to enhance your vitality and pleasure in life.

Take the basic course, the online immersion or join in person.


The backbone of everything I offer is Yoga & Meditation, a skill set I feel everyone should have for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. More than just exercise, more than just mindfulness. Yoga is a way of being in deep communication with your body and keeping your energy balanced and healthy. I teach yoga for all levels, breathwork, guided meditation and chant.

Weekly Classes

Transformative meditation, strengthening, revitalising Vinyasa & calming, rebalancing Hatha.

The whole practice of yoga, not just exercise. 


6.30pm - Vinyasa

7.45pm - Hatha Flow


9.45am - Morning Hatha

6.30pm - Hatha Flow

7.45pm - Vinyasa Flow & Restore

Kind words and compliments...

After a year of practicing yoga Alice's Wednesday class has given me the confidence to practice at home! Really good guidance to help you with transitions and is the first class I've really felt engaged with my breath. Can't say enough good things about her teaching. Her new studio is gorgeous warm and peaceful and I can't wait to start a second class with her on Tuesdays too!

- Viv

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