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Online Library

Here you'll find a library of all the classes I've taught online to date. There's a variety of styles and each class focuses on a different area of the practice so you'll get variation, as well as some sequences you'll get familiar with. There are over 70 classes to choose from!

Get Started at Home has all the foundational sequences, practices and tips you need to make the most of your home classes.

Gentle Hatha classes start with a deeply relaxing meditation and breathwork practice followed by a thorough but gentle stretch through traditional yoga postures.

Slow Vinyasa is a mellow, steady approach to flowing style of Vinyasa. Continuous movement mixed with body awareness, meditation, breathwork.

Strong Vinyasa is a more vigorous, strengthening approach to vinyasa, to incorporate more challenging postures.

Restorative Yoga is an approach to yoga that emphasises relaxing the nervous system, finding stillness and deep body awareness. Passive postures are held for a long time, inviting you to explore range of movement and sensation in your body. Make sure to have blankets, cushions and a bolster and yoga block if you have one!

Please note, all physical exercises and practices have risk of injury or strain, please practice moderately when I can't be there to guide you in person. If you have a specific injury, are pregnant, recently gave birth, or are recovering from any surgeries contact me so we can discuss which classes are suitable for you or an alternative. Otherwise, please enjoy the practice and let me know how you get on!

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