Handmade by Alice these candles produce a beautiful natural scent that lasts for hours. Essential oil candles in coconut and soy wax are free from chemicals, allergens and carcinogens unlike many fragranced scented candles. These two complementary candles will keep you feeling warm and uplifted through the dark winter months. Approximately 30 hours burning time per candle.

Magi is a seasonal blend of clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary and orange. “Festive but not jingle bells”, this candle is ideal for warming winter nights. The combination of essential oils used are a great aid to the immune system with antibacterial and antiviral qualities. As the candle burns you’ll enjoy a pcomforying smell and benefit from these pure oils.

Solstice Eve is reminiscent of forest walks and log fires. Blending calming cedar wood oil used for sleep and respiratory support with a touch of  aromatic rosemary and uplifting sweet orange known for helping with anxiety.

Essential Oil Candle