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Welcome Samhain with an Cailleach through this powerful smudging wand.

The tradition of “smudging”, or closer to this part of the world it’s called “saining”, is a way of harnessing the power of plants to clear negative energies, entities and unwanted influence from physical places, people and things. It’s a blessing or a protective act as well as a cleansing on.

Mugwort is an ideal plant to use for this end - a powerful Cailleach or Crone energy plant, it holds within it support for our intuition and the creative womb space. Mugwort can aid you in tapping into your intellectual wisdom and your physical instinctual self, with confidence and imagination. Use the aromatic herb to enhance your meditation, spiritual and ritual work. It has a scent somewhere between white sage and tobacco with a subtle minty after scent.

This mugwort was wild foraged in north Wicklow, and cultivated outside our beautiful studio in Bray. Then harvested on Full and New moons throughout August and carefully hand tied and dried by Alice.

Mugwort Smudge (Artemisia Vulgaris)

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