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It is a true joy to practice yoga with Alice, she is such a wonderful teacher, lovely warm person who is highly skilled at what she does. I always feel so 'held' & cared for during her classes & my body just feels amazing after each class. Alice's meditation to close the yoga class is a magical experience, no matter how stressed I feel, her meditation always soothes & calms me. Alice's Macha Yoga online classes have gotten me through some very tough times in my life, like a caring friend smiling at me on the screen of the computer. I always feel like I'm there doing the class in the studio!. I've never been much of a computer person but the way these classes are set up feels so personal & connected. I would highly recommend these online classes for everyone, there's a level for all to enjoy. Thank you so much Alice for this wonderful service you have provided for us!

- Zoe

Yoga with Alice is such a deeply transforming experience! Her Full Circle Woman program especially. It's an in-depth analysis of the unbalance between our daily life and our natural femininity, and it tackles the issue from so many different angles that it's impossible not to be struck by some sort of revelation... As it happened to me many times through it. My approach to my daily and monthly routine, my sense of self and of my own body has changed completely after the course. I've made my peace with having a female body, which I struggled with many times, since I couldn't accept how its workings would affect my mood, energy, life.

A deeply healing experience, can't recommend it enough!

- Silvia


There is always such a warm and friendly atmosphere in her classes. Alice teaches with an enthusiasm that she passes on to those who practise with her and which flows through you long after you have finished the class.

She helps to build your confidence each time while guiding you in a gentle way to attempt poses you might not be comfortable with practising at home by yourself. No pressure or judgement, just kindness and encouragement. If you haven't taken a class with Alice put it on your to do list as you won't regret it.

- Dervila

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