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Reiki Healing

Certified Golden TeraMai III Healer

Golden Tera Mai Reiki is a healing energy that helps us to overcome emotional and energetic blockages in the mind, body and soul. Through Reiki healing, we can lift "stuck" energy, emotions or physical ailments that seem persistent or unavoidable and find deeper clarity, peace and connection to Source.

I was initiated into Tera Mai Reiki and then Golden Tera Mai Reiki by Alvagh Cronin over the course of two years, in this time I found the modality of energy work I had been looking for all my life to share with others.

I combine many years of learning about subtle energy, healing, psychology, spirituality and the physical body with my Golden Tera Mai training from Alvagh to create a safe container for you to experience the gift of Reiki healing. 


A Consultation

Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality, including only light touch to neutral parts of the body.

In our initial consultation, we will spend some time where you can confidentially discuss any parts of your life you hope to find help with in non-judgement. We will then work with the chakra system to bring better harmony to your energetic body and I will facilitate a Reiki healing particular to your circumstances.

After that it may take a few days for you to process the healing, at which point you many decide to come back for a follow up. In a follow up session we will revisit any relevant areas or work through any new ones that have come up in the intervening time.

Once you feel settled you're free to come back anytime for a "top up" or whenever challenges, life transitions or issues in your well-being crop up. Reiki can be something you do regularly as part of your self-care, personal growth and healing journey, or something you do occasionally.

Pricing & Booking

An initial session takes 90 minutes and costs €70

After the initial session, consultations cost €60 or if you want to come weekly you can book three in advance for €150 (i.e €50 per session)

To book you can email me at or text on 0860686442 

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